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Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Natural Phenolic Compounds: Proceedings of the Plant Phenolics Group Symposium

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Recent Development in the Chemistry of Natural Phenolic Compounds covers the proceedings of the Third Plant Phenolics Group Symposium, held in April 1960. This symposium brings together important and interesting developments in the chemistry of naturally occurring phenolic compounds.
This book is divided into 12 chapters that specifically concern with the biosynthesis and the determination of the structure of phenolic natural products. The first three chapters discuss the various aspects of biosynthesis and the structural and biogenetic relationships among a large number of natural products. These chapters also consider the biosynthesis of flavonoids, with particular reference to the isoflavones. The succeeding chapter highlights the variety of structures shown by phenolic compounds containing terpenoid substituents. Another chapter deals with the recent syntheses of various natural products by methods involving oxidative coupling of phenolic precursors. Other chapters are devoted to the relationship of phenolic precursors to natural biosynthetical routes. The rest of the book deals with structural investigations, which have led to the recognition of several classes of natural products.
This book is of great value to organic chemists and researchers.

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