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Sex in Relation to Society: Studies in The Psychology of Sex, Vol. 6

397 pages


Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume VI: Sex in Relation to Society describes the social attitude and legal opinion toward sex.
This volume is composed of 12 chapters, and starts with a survey on the maternal role in child's early knowledge about sex. The next chapters explore the principles of sex education, nakedness, sexual love, chastity, and sexual abstinence. Other chapters cover sex-related topics including the origin and development of prostitution, sexual morality, marriage, and the so-called ""art of love"". A chapter tackles the issue of acquiring venereal disease due to sexual malpractice and prostitution. The final chapter discusses the link between the art of love and the science of procreation.
This book will be of value to psychologists, teachers, parents, and the general readers who are interested the allied fields.

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