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Recent Progress in Hormone Research: The Proceedings of the Laurentian Hormone Conference

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Recent Progress in Hormone Research: Volume IV is a collection of papers delivered at the 1948 Laurentian Hormone Conference held at Franconia, New Hampshire. This volume is composed of four parts encompassing 16 chapters that cover experimental works on the role of hormones in metabolism and the thyroid physiology and function.
The opening part deals with some aspects of steroid hormone metabolism, including progesterone, estrogen, and androgen. This part emphasizes the clinical aspects of physiology and function of ovarian hormones. The subsequent part is devoted to the role of hormones in tissue and body metabolism. This part particularly describes the antihormone problem in endocrine therapy and the alterations in metabolism incident to administration of insulin, adrenalin, and thyroid substances. The metabolic changes under adrenal and pituitary hormone administration are also examined. These topics are followed by discussions on the neurohumoral-hypothalamic relationships, specifically the adrenal function in mental disease and effects of hypothalamic lesions on water and energy metabolism. The final part covers the conditions influencing the production and release of thyroid stimulating hormone by the anterior pituitary; the primary actions of the hormone on its target gland; a possible mode of action; and the factors that influence this hormone's action on the thyroid.
This book will prove useful to endocrinologists.

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