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Recent Progress in Hormone Research: The Proceedings of the Laurentian Hormone Conference

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Recent Progress in Hormone Research: Volume II is a collection of papers presented at the proceedings of the 1946 Laurentian Hormone Conference, held in St. Adele-on-High. This volume is organized into five parts encompassing 14 chapters that explore the methods of hormone analysis, the pituitary and metabolic hormones, and the clinical aspects of endocrinology.
The first part discusses some applications of both ultraviolet and infrared absorption spectroscopy to the problem of the elucidation of the structure of sterol compounds. The subsequent parts cover the humoral or nervous factors, which determine the level of functional activity of the pituitary-adrenal system, as well as the mechanism of androgen and estrogen hormone metabolism. These topics are followed by discussions on the hormonal influences on the pancreatic function and the action of the thyroid hormones on diabetes. The concluding part examines the various types of testicular and ovarian deficiency and some related phenomena from the clinical standpoint. This part also explores the genetic and endocrine factors in the growth and development of childhood and adolescence.
This book will prove useful to endocrinologists and developmental biologists.

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