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The Paper-making Machine: Its Invention, Evolution, and Development

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The Paper-making Machine: It’s Invention, Evolution and Development covers the history of the paper-making machine and its origin and how it developed.
This book is organized into 15 chapters, and starts with the discussion of the origin of the first paper-machine way back from A.D. 105 in China. The subsequent chapter deals with the development of the paper-machine where the British improved the machine and were then widely used by people. This topic is followed by discussions on the progress of paper making in 1830-1835 where an advanced type of Fourdrinier machine was introduced by Matthew Towgood and Leapidge South. Other chapters describe further improvements on the Fourdrinier machines and the paper-makings on the late 1800’s. The last chapter considers the standardization of the paper-making machine during 1870-1890.
This book will be of value to machine inventors and those who work in printing presses.

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