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Applied Gamma-Ray Spectrometry

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Applied Gamma-Ray Spectrometry covers real life application of the gamma-ray and the devices used in their experimental studies.
This book is organized into 9 chapters, and starts with discussions of the various decay processes, the possible interaction mechanisms of gamma radiation with matter, and the intrinsic and extrinsic variables, which affect the observed gamma-ray and X-ray spectra. The subsequent chapters deal with the properties and fabrication of scintillation detectors, semiconductor detectors, and proportional gas counters. These chapters present some of the most widely utilized applications of these detectors, with a particular emphasis to the activation analysis. These topics are followed by reviews of the description of basic equipment, such as amplifiers, analyzers, special spectrometer arrangements, and detector shielding. Other chapters describe energy and time resolution and quantitative calibration. The quantitative and qualitative interpretation of the spectra is also explained, along with the calibration of the detectors. The last chapter considers the analytical applications of gamma-ray and X-ray spectrometry in tracer studies, activation analysis, fission product studies, and X-ray fluorescence analysis.
This book will be of value to analytical chemists and analytical chemistry researchers.

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