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Recent Progress in Microcalorimetry

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Recent Progress in Microcalorimetry focuses on the methodologies, processes, and approaches involved in microcalorimetry, as well as heat flow, temperature constancy, and chemistry of alumina and cements.

The selection first offers information on the different types of calorimeters; measurement of the heat flow between the calorimeter and jacket boundaries by means of a thermoelectric pile; and constructional details of the microcalorimeter. Discussions focus on classification of calorimeters, use of thermoelectric piles as thermometers, correct measurement of heat flow from a calorimeter container, and temperature constancy of the external boundary. The text then explores theory and manipulation of the apparatus and calibration of the microcalorimeter experimental determination of the constants of the apparatus.

The manuscript examines sensitivity, reproducibility, and precision of the microcalorimeter, including reproducibility of the apparatus and precision of microcalorimetric measurements. The book also takes a look at thermochemical measurements, microcalorimetry of adsorption processes, microcalorimetric studies on the chemistry of alumina, and microcalorimetry applied to the chemistry of cements.

The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the advancements in microcalorimetry.

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