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Genetics and the Quality of Life

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Genetics and the Quality of Life covers the papers and report of a consultation on Genetics and the Quality of Life, held in Zurich on June 25-29, 1973, organized by the sub-unit on Church and Society of the World Council of Churches in cooperation with the Christian Medical Commission. The book focuses on the interrelation of genetics and quality of life.

The selection first elaborates on genetics and moral responsibility and ethics and the new biology. Discussions focus on breakdown of values, genetically determined debility versus socially determined debility, ethical problems, and genetic inequality and moral responsibility. The text then examines ethical issues raised by eugenics, judging the social values of scientific advances, ethical problems raised by genetics, and problems raised by eugenics in Africa. Topics include the right to an adequate physical and mental endowment, genetic engineering, euphenics, constraints imposed by genetics, fertilization of human ova in vitro, and ethical questions in eugenics.

The manuscript reviews findings on genetics and the quality of life, sociogenetic problems and public opinion, social and ethical problems in caring for genetically handicapped children, ethical problems in genetic counselling, and psychological issues in counselling the genetically handicapped.

The selection is a dependable source of information for researchers interested in the connection of genetics and quality of life.

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