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Radiological Anatomy

439 pages


Radiological Anatomy focuses on the increasing applications of radiology in the field of medicine, particularly its use in the illumination of different body parts.

The book first offers information on surface anatomy and radiological anatomy. Discussions focus on inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation, methods of examination, and radiological anatomy in general. The text then takes a look at the surface and radiological anatomy of the upper limbs and epiphyseal lines in the shoulder region. Topics include upper arm, elbow joint, clavicle, shoulder joint, and scapula.

The manuscript examines the epiphyseal lines in the elbow joint and surface anatomy of the lower limbs, including hip joint, forearm, wrist, hand, leg, thigh, and ankle and foot. The publication then elaborates on early radiodiagnosis of congenital dislocation of the hip joint, epiphyseal lines in ankle and foot, and surface anatomy of the vertebral column.

The book is a dependable reference for radiologists and readers interested in radiological anatomy.

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