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Analytical Methods for Organic Cyano Groups

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Monographs in Organic Functional Group Analysis, Volume 6: Analytical Methods for Organic Cyano Groups describes both qualitative and quantitative analytical methods for analysis of various organic cyano groups.
This book is organized into two parts encompassing 12 chapters. Part A presents some chemical methods, which are classified according to the reaction undergone by the compound being detected, identified or determined. This part specifically covers reactions of addition to the cyano group; of other groups activated and unaffected by the cyano group; degradation reactions; and other chemical reactions. Part B highlights pure physical methods, including polarographic procedures, spectroscopic, spectrophotometric, chromatographic, and ion exchange methods, as well as azeotropic distillation.
This book will be of value to organic and analytical chemists, as well as to and organic and analytical chemistry teachers, students, and researchers.

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