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Contributions to Analysis: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Lipman Bers

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Contributions to Analysis: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to Lipman Bers is a compendium of papers provided by Bers, friends, students, colleagues, and professors. These papers deal with Teichmuller spaces, Kleinian groups, theta functions, algebraic geometry. Other papers discuss quasiconformal mappings, function theory, differential equations, and differential topology. One paper discusses the results of the rigidity theorem of Mostow and its generalization by Marden in relation to geometric properties of Kleinian groups of the first kind. These results, obtained by planar methods, are presented in terms of the hyperbolic 3-space language, which is a natural pedestal in approaching the action of the Kleinian groups. Another paper reviews Riemann's vanishing theorem which solves the Jacobi inversion problem, by relating the vanishing properties of the theta function (particularly at half periods) to properties of certain linear series on the Riemann surface. One paper examines the problem of obtaining relations among the periods of the differentials of first kind on a compact Riemann surface. An application of a computer program involves supersonic transport. The program is based on the hodograph transformation and a method of complex characteristics to calculate profiles that are shock-less at a specified angle of attack, or at a specified subsonic free-stream Mach number. The collection can prove useful for engineers, statisticians, students, and professors in advance mathematics or courses related to aeronautics.

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