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Statistical Analysis: A Computer Oriented Approach

336 pages


Statistical Analysis: A Computer Oriented Approach discusses the probabilistic foundations of statistics, the standard statistical inference procedures, regression, and correlation analysis. The book also explains the analysis of variance and multivariate analysis, with an emphasis on the applications and interpretations of statistical tools. The text defines computer terminologies, coding sheets, format statements, and packaged statistical programs or software. Software and other related programs are tools for data analysis: the "frequency count program" analyzes discrete observations; and the "descriptive program" investigates one continuous variable. Other similar tools are the "descriptive program with strata" that evaluates more than one continuous random variable, and the "crosstabulation program" that reviews contingency tables. The book also explains the general linear model which is applied to the estimators and tests of hypotheses for simple and multiple linear regression models. The text shows how different packaged computer programs can be used to perform analyses of variance. For example, the factorial programs can analyze special designs of randomized blocks, replicated randomized blocks, and nested designs. For other special designs, including the split plot and Latin square designs, the investigator can make adaptations to the standard factorial program. The book is intended for students of statistical inference, computer programming, and readers interested in advanced mathematics.

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