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Algal and Fungal Toxins: A Comprehensive Treatise

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Microbial Toxins, Volume VII: Algal and Fungal Toxins reviews research and investigations on algal and fungal toxins.
This book discusses the distribution of poisonous dinoflagellates; pharmacology of blue-green algal toxins; control of Prymnesium and detection of toxin in nature; and F-2 (zearalenone) estrogenic mycotoxin from Fusarium. The effect of Fusarium toxins in animals; mycotoxins produced by Fusarium tricinctum NRRL 3249; and mold growth and production and isolation of trichothecenes are also elaborated. This publication likewise covers the chemistry of scirpene toxic substances of Fusarium nivale; isolation of salivation factor; and mammalian toxicity of epidithiadioxopiperazines.
This volume is a useful reference for scientists and graduate students in various disciplines —microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, epidemiology, oncology, and related fields.

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