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Annual Reports in Inorganic and General Syntheses-1976

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Annual Reports in Inorganic and General Syntheses-1976 presents an annual review of synthetically useful information that would prove beneficial to nearly all organic chemists, both specialist and nonspecialist in synthesis. It should help relieve some of the information storage burden of the specialist and should aid the nonspecialist who is seeking help with a specific problem to become rapidly aware of recent synthetic advances.

This is the fifth volume of ARIGS and is organized along the lines developed for the preceding volumes. The authors were encouraged to use synthetic aspects as their primary guideline for the arrangement and preservation of the information. An occasional deviation to include structural or mechanistic features seemed to be justified in order to reflect particular characteristics of a given element's chemistry. Complex hydrides of the groups IA-IIIA are dealt with in a special chapter rather than described under the particular elements. As in previous issues of ARIGS, this volume again presents contributions of timely subjects of special interest. This year's special features are "Recent Advances in S-N-Inorganic Heterocycles" and "Synthesis and Properties of Optically Active Organotin Compounds."

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