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Genetic Variation Among Influenza Viruses

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Genetic Variation Among Influenza Viruses documents the proceedings of ICN-UCLA symposium held in Salt Lake City, Utah, 8-13 March 1981. The symposium brought together people from different disciplines working with the common objective of reducing the ravages of influenza and to expose them to the totality of the problem of influenza.
The papers presented at the meeting included nearly all major aspects of influenza in which important advances are being made. Because of recombinant DNA technology and rapid DNA sequencing, a number of genes of influenza virus from a number of strains have been either completely or partially sequenced. Among these, the gene coding for hemagglutinin (HA) has been most intensively studied and the HA of one or more strains from each subtype (H1, H2, H3) has been completely sequenced. Other topics discussed include the question of drift and shift at the genomic level; the role of the capped host mRNA is the process of initiation of transcription; and the regulation of viral transcription. This volume also includes papers presented by the speakers of the plenary sessions and that of keynote speaker, Sir Charles Stuart-Harris as well as the selected papers presented in the poster sessions.

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