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The Joints and Synovial Fluid: Volume II

518 pages


The Joints and Synovial Fluid II is a collection of papers that deals with the basic aspects of the articular apparatus, including the general pathology of the appendicular and axial structures, the disease processes, and comparative anthology. Some papers discuss in vitro culture of joints and articular tissues, the chemistry of the ground substance of joint cartilage, and the structure of the intervertebral disc in relation to its function and to the aging process. As a humans being ages, the whole nucleus found in the disc will behave more like a sponge than a shock absorber as regards its ability to distribute stress and pressure from the end plates of the disc. Another paper describes load distribution of the knee, ankle joint, the spine, the arms, elbows, fingers. One paper deals with the pathology of the spine covering infectious diseases, metabolic and developmental disease of cartilage and bones, traumatic and degenerative diseases, autoimmune connective tissue diseases (such as ankylosing spondylitis), and miscellaneous diseases (such as tumors). The collection is suitable for researchers, scientists, medical practitioners, and academicians in the fields of biochemistry, bioengineering, anatomical sciences, immunology, organ physiology, cell biology, orthopedics, rheumatology, or rehabilitation medicine.

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