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Energy-Linked Functions of Mitochondria: Papers Presented at the First Colloquium of the Johnson Research Foundation of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, April 13, 1963

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Energy-Linked Functions of Mitochondria presents the developments in the area of energy-linked functions of mitochondria. This book covers three general topics, namely, the generation, the transfer, and the utilization of reducing power.
Organized into three parts encompassing 16 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the various steps involved in the combined electron and energy transfer reactions that lead to the generation of high-energy intermediates. This text then examines the effect of atracytloside and oligomycin on oxidative phosphorylation in submitochondrial particles. Other chapters consider a detailed review of the succinate-linked DPN reduction in submitochondrial particles. This book discusses as well the concept of energy-linked reversal of electron transport from reduced cytrochome c to pyridine nucleotide. The final chapter deals with the transient activation of respiration of tightly coupled mitochondria by adding low concentrations of calcium.
This book is a valuable resource for scientists who are interested in energy-linked processes in mitochondria.

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