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The Hormones: Physiology, Chemistry, and Applications

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The Hormones: Physiology, Chemistry, and Applications, Volume V provides information pertinent to the nature and function of hormones. This book provides a variety of topics, including pituitary hormones, thyroid, thyroid hormones, mammalian hormones, tumors and hormones, and some problems in endocrine medicine.

Organized into seven chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the knowledge of the structure and other chemical aspects of the hormones. This text then examines the effects of growth hormone on nitrogen retention and body composition and discusses the metabolic basis for the nitrogen-retaining action of growth hormone. Other chapters consider the biochemical pathways of metabolism and their control in thyroid tissue. This book discusses as well tumor induction in endocrine organs following hormonal imbalance. The final chapter deals with the many and varied causes of the spontaneous endocrine disorders.

This book is a valuable resource for organic chemists, biochemists, endocrinologists, morphologists, physiologists, students, and research workers.

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