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Cells and Tissues

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Physical Techniques in Biological Research, Volume III, Part A: Cells and Tissues focuses on improvements and innovations in physical techniques involved in biological research on cells and tissues.
The selection first offers information on phase contrast and interference microscopy in cytology and birefringence and dichroism of cells and tissues. Topics include observational methods and results, quantitative techniques, nerve and muscle fibers, chloroplasts, cytoplasm, and nucleus. The book then examines X-ray microscopy and X-ray absorption analysis, including theoretical considerations of X-ray microscopy of biological materials and absorption and production of X-rays.
The publication ponders on microtomy and manometric techniques for single cells and electron microscopy of microorganisms. Discussions focus on Cartesian diver respirometers, capillary respirometers, preliminary preparation of materials for drying, and techniques for studying dried specimens.
The selection is highly recommended for students and readers interested in the physical techniques used in biological research.

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