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Enzymes of the Arterial Wall

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Enzymes of the Arterial Wall is a comprehensive up-to-date monograph, and is the first publication dealing specifically with quantitative determinations of enzyme activities in human and animal vascular tissue. All available information concerning this subject is included. This summary of all current knowledge will be very useful to scientists who lack extensive library facilities and knowledge of foreign languages necessary for a thorough and time-consuming personal search of the original literature.
A systematic description is made of 98 different enzymes; nearly all enzymes in the carbohydrate metabolic pathways are included. Brevity of discussion has made it possible to incorporate all available data. The results represent 27,200 quantitative biochemical assays performed with reliable analytical techniques on both normal and arteriosclerotic tissue; 70 enzymic procedures are described. The framework for the arrangement of facts throughout the book was designed to make information easily accessible. Each enzyme is described separately, using the sequence of The Commission on Enzymes of The International Union of Biochemistry, and is followed by literature references with full titles.

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