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Biological Organization at the Cellular and Supercellular Level: A Symposium Held at Varenna, 24–27 September, 1962, under the Auspices of UNESCO

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Biological Organization at the Cellular and Supercellular Level provides information on some of the most intriguing problems of cell biology. This book discusses the models for gene function as well as the simple mechanisms found in bacteria.
Organized into 14 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the model for the regulation of DNA replication. This text then examines the specific properties of an organism, which arise from its catalytic constitution. Other chapters consider the experiments to test whether enzyme induction is accompanied by an increase in the rate of synthesis of the specific messenger RNA corresponding to the structural gene that controls the induced enzyme. This book discusses as well the comparison of the properties of the two types of CO2-sensitive flies, namely, the non-stabilized and the stabilized. The final chapter deals with the morphological or structural aspects of biological organization.
This book is a valuable resource for geneticists, embryologists, and cancerologists.

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