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Nuclear Spin-Parity Assignments: Proceedings of the Conference on Bases for Nuclear Spin-Parity Assignments, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, November 11-13, 1965

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Nuclear Spin-Parity Assignments covers the proceedings of the Bases for Nuclear Spin-Parity Assignments conference held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on November 11-13, 1965. The book focuses on methods for deducing spins and parities of low-lying nuclear states.
The selection first offers information on the criteria for spin-parity assignments and direct measurements of spins of radioactive nuclei. Discussions focus on microwave spectroscopy method, paramagnetic resonance method, optical spectroscopic method, and nuclear magnetic resonance technique. The book also elaborates on absolute conversion coefficient measurements for spin and parity assignments; coincidence arrangement for nuclear lifetime measurements using fast gas-filled counters; and beta and gamma transition probabilities.
The text ponders on particle angular correlations following nuclear reactions; gamma-ray angular correlations following nuclear reactions; and spin determinations through triple angular correlation measurements. The manuscript also examines Coulomb excitation; nuclear isomer excitation by low-energy electrons and x rays; and analysis of inelastic scattering by adiabatic approximation.
The selection is highly recommended for readers interested in nuclear spin-parity assignments.

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