Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 1965 Digest

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Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 1965 Digest

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Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 1965 Digest: A Survey of the Technical Literature of the Preceding Year focuses on the processes, methodologies, reactions, technologies, and advancements in magnetism and magnetic materials.
The selection first offers information on general theoretical problems, including spin-wave dispersion, exchange integral, magnetic ordering, soluble models, magnetic phase transitions, and conduction electron spin polarization. The text then ponders on neutron diffraction, spin configurations, and magnetic transitions and properties of transition metals and their alloys. Topics include neutron scattering theory and equipment; spin configurations and magnetic transitions; magnetic behavior; rare earth alloys and compounds; and other alloys and compounds.
The publication takes a look at the properties of magnetically dilute alloys and rare earth metals and their alloys. Discussions focus on rare earth intermetallic compounds, transition metals in noble metals, and other dilute alloys. The text then examines the technical properties of soft magnetic materials, magnetically hard materials, thin films, and nuclear magnetism.
The selection is a valuable source of data for readers interested in magnetism and magnetic materials.
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