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The Principles of Nutrition for Practitioners and Students

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The Principles of Nutrition for Practitioners and Students discusses the principles of nutrition—a subject which becomes more and more terrifying to the learner with each addition to the complex of vitamins. The system of question and answer which has been adopted in the book will appeal to all students. The whole subject of vitamins is both efficiently and attractively presented, and gives not only a clear outline of the principles of nutrition but will certainly stimulate enthusiasm for this study which has, so often in the past, produced, if not terror, at least apprehension in the hearts of many.
The book is organized into seven parts. Part I discusses the importance of food to health. Part II deals with the health impacts of vitamins A, D, B, C, and mineral salts. Part III focuses on the role of protein in the growth and repair of the body while Part IV covers the body’s heat and energy production. Part V presents studies on the nutrition of individuals and groups. Part VI takes up issues of feeding such as rationing; the enrichment, drying, and preservation of foods; staple foods, and milk. Part VII considers world health issues, including the unequal distribution of food and variations in food consumption.

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