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The Dynamics of Living Protoplasm

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The Dynamics of Living Protoplasm provides an overview of the state of knowledge in the colloid chemistry of protoplasm that can help to interpret and explain some of the most puzzling and intriguing problems that physiologists have had to face. The book shows that there is now definite knowledge about the protoplasmic colloid, knowledge that provides a basis for an understanding of the mechanisms underlying vital activity. This knowledge is primarily of theoretical interest, but eventually it will help to solve problems of practical importance in the fields of human physiology, pharmacology, and pathology.
The book opens with an introductory chapter on the study of protoplasm. This is followed by separate chapters on protoplasmic viscosity, protoplasmic gels, electrochemistry of the cell, the surface precipitation reaction, protoplasmic clotting, and muscular contraction. Subsequent chapters deal with the excitation of nerve, conduction and transmission, cell division and its suppression, stimulation and anesthesia, the colloidal theory of stimulation and anesthesia, and cellular homeostasis.

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