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The Biochemistry and Physiology of Bone

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The Biochemistry and Physiology of Bone focuses on the advancements of techniques, methodologies, and approaches involved in bone studies, including general anatomy, tissues, collagen fibers, and calcification.

The selection first offers information on the general anatomy and histology of bone and bone as a mechanical engineering problem. Topics include strength of healing fractures, nervous influences on bone, growth of the skull, bone strength, primary constituents of bony tissue, and types and organization of bony tissue. The text then elaborates on the ground substance of connective tissue and cartilage, organic matrix of bone, and collagen fibers of connective tissue.

The publication takes a look at the ultrastructure and distribution of mineral salts in bone tissue, osteoblast, and osteoclast. Discussions focus on microscopical appearances, integration of morphological and histochemical studies, cytochemistry, distribution of inorganic salts in bone tissue, relation of collagen to its environment, and structure of collagen fibers. The publication also examines pathological calcification, effects of radiation on bone, parathyroid glands and bone, and anterior pituitary regulation of skeletal development.

The selection is a dependable source of data for researchers interested in the biochemistry and physiology of bone.

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