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Metals and Micronutrients: Uptake and Utilization By Plants

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Metals and Micronutrients: Uptake and Utilization by Plants contains the contributions of invited speakers at 1981 Easter meeting of the Phytochemical Society of Europe. The meeting brings together chemists, biochemists, physiologists, and agronomists to discuss aspects of phytometallurgy-how plants extract,accumulate, and use metals.
The order of chapters in this book is meant to emphasize stages in the sequence, that is, uptake-incorporation-function. This book first describes the process of absorption of metals and micronutrients in plants, as well as the influences of the environment. This text then talks about the aspects of the movement and storage of iron and its incorporation into prosthetic groups. Some ways in which metals are involved in physiological and metabolic processes in plants are explained.
This reference material will be valuable to senior undergraduates and postgraduates in this field of interest.

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