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Calling the Bluff (Down & Dirty, #2)

90 pages1 hour


Hazel Young is a rare commodity in town: a young, single female whose first mating is nearly upon her, and she’s spent the last two years fending off suitors. After all, there's nothing flattering about being wanted for the heat in her blood instead of for herself...especially when she gave her heart away to Oliver Russell years ago. But Oliver seems to feel nothing for her but fond kindness, and the time has come to choose a mate before the wolf makes the choice for her.

When Oliver happens across Hazel being pressured by a local who wants to be her first, it awakens protective instincts he thought he'd set aside with the death of his wife five years ago. With Hazel in heat and no time to get her to safety, they wind up in a fishing shack on Lonely River. They have no choice but to ride out her mating fever together...even if the last thing he expects is to be truly tempted by her inexperienced attempts at seduction.


...every bit as intense, hot, and memorable as I'd anticipated. - Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

If you're a fan of werewolf stories looking for an interesting take on the genre, I would recommend Moira Rogers' Down and Dirty 2: Calling the Bluff. - Ann Barber, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

...a wonderful paranormal tale that should come with a warning label reading, "warning read at your own risk, this book will hold you hostage with delightful thrills." - Shannon, The Romance Studio

...the passion was explosive. - Melissa C., Fallen Angels Reviews

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