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Going North

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“In the insanity of the oil rush, on a cold Canadian afternoon, the trucks arrived from Streeper’s Transport. The cook shack and fuel sloop, as big as fishing boats in dry dock, were winched aboard flatbed trailers. Groceries arrived from the Hudson’s Bay Company, and Dan Vann drove up with three Cat Skinners who had caught the last jet from Dawson’s Creek.

Oversized load permits were issued, doors slammed and gears were engaged. In no close order the foreman’s pickup and two big rigs headed for the interior plain and the remote Sikanni Chief River.

There was still light in the sky when we got where we were going. The Cats twirled about snowplowing a campsite. I stood and watched as the cook shack was shunted off its bed, teetering top-heavily past the point of balance.”

"Going North" calls up the story of a prep school teacher who indulges his dream of finding work in subarctic Canada, and the adventures and experiences along a journey as wild as the frozen north.

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