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Penetration: A Tactical Manual on Forming Deep Emotional Connections!

76 pages1 hour


This no nonsense, straight to the point book will give you the tools that will enable you to build deep, powerful, emotional connections with anyone including the so called "Hard targets"!
The techniques taught in this book will work for either men or women, young and old alike, whether for romantic or more professional interests.
This book will focus on how you can profoundly make anyone feel much more deeply connected with you, in exactly that way you want (there are dozens of flavors of connections).
If you are into seduction? It works deep enough, as a formidable tool, you can use to form special connections with anyone you want!
Please take a look at the table of contents, to gain a hint on the specific items, you're about to learn in this book.
Table of Contents
Benefits of Deep Connections
Makes you special and standout
You understand and connect with her values
Her beliefs about:
Identity concept
Sense of entitlements
People live up to expectations of others
Spiritual (avoid if strong disagreements)
Politics (avoid if strong disagreements)
Her dreams
Deep Values Elicitations
Find her passions
Music,Food,Travel,Hobbies, Art,Games etc
Nonverbal rapport
X-ray vision
The PT Barnum effect
To be seen for what she wants to be
She is afraid, insecure to admit it, but you see it!
Some are too afraid to dream
Some are confused, and don't see their ideal selves yet
See her painful past, put a positive spin on it
Rephrasing and time delays
Trance words
Show understanding and authority in her world
Navigation from the inside
You fully get it...and more!
Privacy issues!
They fear your power
Existing Archetypes she feels a connection with
“If you look like one, you talk like one thing you must be one!”
Speak using her vernacular,trance words,custom vocabulary
“Opposites attract”
Trust factors and Resistance
Is she’s closed off?
She thinks you’re playing her
Not revealing any information to work with?
Deliberately trying to be confusing
Establishing Credibility
Past and Future Projections
Future projections
Physical time distortion
Sharing an intense experience together
Social proof elements
Only the 2 of you understand each other
Assume Familiarity

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