To Liberate the Body’s Prison

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To Liberate the Body’s Prison

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There is no life of faith cannot open the door. When you believe that you'll certainly find the right key to door. There is no single solution to life's problems.

To liberate your soul and move in the direction of your immediate goals. You check your beliefs. Your standards, you can increase the extent of vision created by your imagination as you want. If you can control your thoughts and beliefs, then you took over the reins in your own life.

We came to the world world, why? Our evolution from nothingness to nothingness from authority authority .. pure love from all of us (NIR) were created; but our ancestors, our teachers, our religion teaches us not only concept of fear and punishment (Crime and Punishment) taught. Why?

The first human Prophet we called Adam thought, Eve give birth to her first child when her admiration feed, "just as Eve was created a man who looked like me think that she described as her goddess" and so matriarchal society have occurred.
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