The Kingdom Driven Life

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The Kingdom Driven Life

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (1 rating)
Length: 286 pages5 hours


1.This book will tell you how to discover your destiny and take kingdom principles to spheres only you can address.
2.This book will teach you not only how to bring revival to your city and nation, but also how to transform your culture.
3.This book will usher you into the new church era, when churches don’t just evangelize but focus on impacting the society and extending the kingdom of God to the wider culture. – The kingdom era.
4.In this book you will see the testimonies and illustration of how ordinary individuals have been able to use the principles of this book to influence and transform their world.
5.This book will teach you that the kingdom does not belong to a race of people, nation, to Christians or any particular “brand” of church, but to all people.
6.The kingdom driven life will cause you to evaluate your life, show you the right adjustments to make and it will cause you to grow in the knowledge of the kingdom of God like you have never experienced before.
7.It will unveil to you that the purpose of every Christian is to be like leaven, influencing the environment where God places them until it is quietly transformed to reflect the glory of God.

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