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Wing Man: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Woman of Your Dreams

Wing Man: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Woman of Your Dreams

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Wing Man: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Woman of Your Dreams

387 pages
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Sep 21, 2015


The WING MAN is a book that was created to help MEN FIND THE WOMAN OF THEIR DREAMS and have FUN while doing it. With Rich Celenza’s advice and helpful hints any man of any age can learn how to build successful relationships with extremely beautiful, smart women. Even if you are in a committed relationship this book will also provide incredible tips and assist you with your own personal development.
Sep 21, 2015

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Wing Man - Rich Celenza




Rich Celenza was born into the fashion / nightclub / entertainment industry. His family can claim almost a century in the fashion industry. Originating in the town of Vasto, Italy, they came to eventually own and operate the largest garment shop in the city of Chicago. As a little boy, Rich spent a great deal of time at his family’s clothing factory learning about the garment industry. In fact, most of Rich’s immediate family members are tailors, hair stylists, designers and models.

Even though Rich’s family was in the garment industry his father wasn’t interested in the business so he opened his own nightclub / restaurant. Rich went on to learn about his father’s business from watching him run and manage the club, and saw at first hand how he booked talent and organized events. Rich grew up checking out acts of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elton John, James Brown, Madonna, Prince, Lionel Richie, Barry Manilow, Carole King, Tower of Power, Michael Bolton, Bernie Mac, Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay and hundreds of others. As he grew into his later teens, Rich decided to follow in his family’s footsteps into fashion, going into modeling. He soon made his way into acting, writing, directing and eventually producing full length feature films, shorts and commercials.

After completing his second feature film in 2005, Rich decided to go back to his roots and design his own clothing line, SoreLoser Wear, aimed at people who hate to lose. While working on marketing SoreLoser Wear and raising funds for his third feature film, Rich was asked to work for Neiman Marcus where he soon had the opportunity to take his knowledge of fashion to the next level, and once again work with many different people in the fashion industry.

Even though Rich loved working for Neiman Marcus, he ended up leaving to work on producing his third and fourth feature films, along with teaching his daughter acting and modeling. Rich realized that more and more people needed proper guidance in the fashion and entertainment industry, so that’s when he decided to open his very own consulting firm, Rich Celenza Consulting (www.RichCelenza.com).

Eventually Rich realized that a lot of his male clients didn’t just want advice on the entertainment and fashion industry, or makeovers, but rather wanted to know how to style themselves and network with women – they wanted to be around exceptionally beautiful women with the hopes of one day being in a relationship with one. After successfully helping many men in the area of picking up women, Rich decided to write his book Wing Man, to help men all of ages learn how to succeed at truly finding the woman of their dreams. Rich has been fortunate to have always been surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet and his skill set when communicating with women is second to none.

Rich currently is working on his fourth feature film and has also just completed his first book The Model Bible (www.TheModelBible.com) a Must Have Guide for Anyone Interested in Becoming a Female Model. Based on the popularity of the subject of finding the perfect mate, Rich has hopes of writing a Wing Man version for women.



The Wing Man’s main goal is to help MEN FIND THE WOMAN OF THEIR DREAMS and have FUN while doing it. With Rich Celenza’s advice and helpful hints any man of any age can learn how to build successful relationships with extremely beautiful, smart women. Even if you are in a committed relationship this book will also provide incredible tips and assist you with your own personal development.

There has never been a book that was as honest or as advanced when it comes to picking up women. WING MAN teaches you how to develop self-confidence when dealing with all types of women, and shows you the importance of being a better listener. It explains how to conduct yourself in a professional manner in front of women at all times, dealing with them effectively on a personal level. In a practical way the book offers lots of suggestions on how to reinvent yourself, get stylized and even get in better shape. It also helps you develop a great PERSONALITY and learn not to take everything so seriously!

Rich Celenza lives by a saying that goes, There’s no such thing as perfection, but if you don’t aim for it, you won’t even get close. Preparation is the key to success, and this book helps you prepare yourself like no other. You will learn how to relax and how to control your emotions regardless of what type of pressure you feel under when dealing with women. You will also learn how to stop all the complaining and pouting, and instead be polite and sophisticated, a man who carries himself with elegance and grace at all times.

This book explains that women at times can be very complex and if you plan on succeeding at meeting and dating incredible, beautiful, intelligent women with the hopes of eventually ending up in a committed relationship, you must have a passion and a desire to never give up or settle. WING MAN stresses the importance of selling yourself and truly being a UNIQUE individual who STANDS OUT amongst the crowd. Bottom line: you are going to need to know how to be thick-skinned and be able to handle rejection as well as praise when dealing with women, and this book is the tool that can help you do it.

On the plus side WING MAN reveals that men don’t need to be incredibly handsome or have a great body or be rich to be around beautiful women. It does help, there’s no question about that, but there is a lot more to it than that if you plan on being in a long term committed relationship. To get a great woman a man needs to learn how to STAY POSITIVE AND ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE.

WING MAN is the book that’s going to help you capitalize on your own special qualities and become the man you always knew you could be. And after reading it you will also be able to project yourself into being the best you can be in all the different areas of your life.

Here’s all you have to know about men and women: Woman are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.

George Carlin



Quick question before we begin, I need to ask you, why did you download or pick up this book? Let me guess, you haven’t been laid in a while… right? Are you kind of lonely? Its cool, I get it. We’ve all been there. Or maybe it’s the other way around and you think you’re a Player, thinking WTF maybe this is the book that will give me some additional tips on how to pick up even more women. If that is your angle I dig your style even though I didn’t write it necessarily for that reason, but it definitely can be used for that.

Nahhhhhhh, now that I think about it, Players are unlikely to be reading this, reason being is most Players I know are too lazy and don’t like to read. Or maybe it’s even a woman reading this, checking out what type of nonsense is being spewed out by another arrogant asshole claiming to be some critically acclaimed author trying to make a buck off telling guys how to pick up a woman and get laid without ever really having a clue.

Honestly, I personally think the person reading this is a guy who is sitting on their couch in front of their television looking down on their phone, iPod or Laptop, as Sports Center or a super hero movie about a toy / comic book is playing in the background. If you’re not at home I would say you’re most likely sitting at your local Starbucks / Coffee Shop watching all the pretty girls walking past as they get their favorite drinks. If you’re not going to coffee houses then you really better get your head out of your ass because that’s exactly where you should be, because the most beautiful women in the US are coming in and out and hanging out in these places on a daily basis. I’ll get to that in a little bit… Anyway, did you ever notice no matter where you are or where you go, there are all these beautiful women and all of them just walk right by you, usually not even acknowledging that you are even there. Well, the reason women don’t notice you is plain and simple my friend, you don’t know shit about women and you sure as hell don’t know how to STAND OUT!

Women can be the most complicated things on earth or the easiest, depending on how you play your cards with them. I always look at dealing with women as if I was playing Texas Hold’em. Let me explain. You may be the type of poker player that always sits at the table, always playing conservatively, constantly folding, not holding a lot of chips, looking out of place and intimidated. Well, guess what, no one ever pays attention to that dude, he looks useless. But if you are smart and start playing smart poker, have confidence in what you’re doing and know when to hold them and know when to fold them as Kenny Rogers says, now guess what, it’s on. Just by you saying I’m all in and pushing all your chips in, then laying down your hand and winning a huge big pot, that changes everything in an instant. Everyone at the table is now looking at you like who the Fuck is this guy? YOU NOW HAVE THEIR ATTENTION. Now all the players at the table start studying you, trying to figure you out. If they don’t, you’re going to take them for all they’re worth and if you’re good, then you will. Basically you’ve shifted it from them really not giving a shit about who you are, to I better find out what this guy’s up to and what his angle is. That’s exactly what you want when dealing with women. You want their ATTENTION. You want them thinking, Who is this guy and what is he really about? Without having a woman’s attention or interest in who you are, then you’re just another boring nobody lost in the crowd.

You know what makes me laugh, is how most men out there don’t have a clue when it comes to how to get a woman’s attention, and what’s even crazier is that most men are surrounded by an endless amount of women on a daily basis. You want to know why men have no clue? Here’s why. They never take time out to really find out what women’s likes or interests are because they are too busy being selfish and only learning about what their own interests are. Which gets a little confusing because when it comes to men, we are REALLY interested in women, but not that interested in what woman are interested in. Unless what the woman is interested in happens to be what we are interested in. Confusing, right?

What’s really interesting is that the one thing straight men (especially young men) want more than anything in life is to be able to be with a beautiful woman or women for that matter. They may pretend they don’t care, but I can assure you deep down inside they do because that little thing between a woman’s legs has more power over a man than anything else on this planet, and don’t think women don’t know that because they do. Another problem is most men don’t know what to do when trying to find the right woman for themselves (this goes for women finding men as well), so they usually end up giving up or settling or listening to a bunch of idiots on what women really want. Well those days are over because you have finally found someone who’s going to help you get out of this funk and teach you things you couldn’t even imagine when it comes to meeting not just any woman, but most importantly the right woman.

But if you are one of those guys who are interested in just banging women and could care less about what a woman’s interests are, I’m here to tell you most likely you’re going to end up alone, or in a bad relationship. Again if that’s your angle that’s Kool and the Gang as long as you’re cool with that, but I’ve been around a long time and I can assure you most of these guys who are self-centered walking around acting all tough are the ones who end up miserable, always complaining about women being bitches, or talking about how stupid women are and blah, blah, blah. These guys are the ones who end up alone every night in bed jerking off to porn on their laptop or cell phones. It’s obvious why these guys end up alone, it’s because they are Dicks. But listen, it doesn’t have to be that way if you just take some time to reevaluate some things, (even if you’re a Dick) open your mind and your heart and follow some of my advice, regardless who you are or what you’ve gone through in your past. I’m here to help and be exactly what this book titled Wing Man is. I’m going to be your personal Wing Man so just sit back listen and learn and let me do my thing and I promise you by the time you’re finished with this book you will never look at meeting women the same way again.

Women always want or need something. We all do in life. You need to find out what the woman’s wants and needs are and either help her get them or achieve them. You do that, I can assure you that you will have more women than you can ever handle.

Rich Celenza

I’m going to lay it all on the line right here and right now why most men suck at getting women or keeping them, or ending up in relationships that end up going south. MOST MEN ARE LIARS. Yea I said it. Most men I know are liars, especially when dealing with women. Most women I know are liars as well but that’s an entirely different subject which I’m not going to get into. I’m not saying everything coming out of a man’s mouth is a lie, but when it comes to how they feel about a lot of things men start lying, especially if they feel insecure. I would say 80% of the men I know who are single, engaged or married are liars, and a lot of these men are caught up living a persona or identity of someone who deep down inside isn’t really who they are or want to be. I call it Mixed Identities. Pretending on the outside you’re something that you’re not on the inside. That goes for everyone from Christians to Criminals and everything in between. As much as men don’t like to admit it, often they are lying to themselves, which eventually leads to them lying to whoever they are with.

I’ll give you a for instance. Most men love dirty sex but very few would ever admit it or even bring it up, let alone do it. Same goes for a lot of women, who may love rough sex but most likely won’t admit it or even try it unless someone else makes the first move. What you need to do as a man, from the get go with any woman is be honest about everything. (I will get into that more in later chapters.) YOU MUST BE HONEST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Most women have always dealt with liars, despite how beautiful or smart they are, and a lot have been hurt and have a bad taste in their mouth so there’s no trust when dealing with men. I’m not saying everyone, but a very large percentage of them. Especially women who are middle aged and up. The true trick to getting a beautiful and smart woman is being entirely different from any other man they have ever come across. Your being the most honest man (person) to ever come into their life is what’s going to make you the most desirable man to her. Just because you are honest doesn’t mean a woman (or women) are not going to lie their asses off to you or manipulate you to get things they want out of life, but if you are always honest they are going to have to eventually match your honesty or they are going to get weeded out. Eventually you will find the right one who matches your honesty and I promise you that woman will never let you go because you will be the best thing that ever happened to her and vice versa. A good woman doesn’t want perfect; she wants honesty and someone who is man enough to realize she deserves the truth. So BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!!

LISTEN AND LEARN - Ok let me first off say that I can’t believe in this day and age how much info is out there on women, and that men still don’t take any time researching it. Even taking just a few minutes out of their busy (probably boring) lives. From the type of clothes women like to wear, to what type of hair styles are in, what type of make-up women like to wear, television shows and movies they like to watch, books they like to read, where they like to work out and so on. Right now you’re thinking, what do I look like, a Fag? Yea, I said Fag and that’s too bad because it’s my book and I can say whatever I want. If anyone out there thinks they are going to regulate how I speak they can just go F themselves. Some of my good friends are homosexuals and all they do is call each other fags and just because I’m not one doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to say it. BULLSHIT. When I say the word fag or faggy it’s not to hurt anyone’s feelings, especially homosexuals, it’s just an old funny expression we all grew up saying. If it offends anyone, grow up. I would hope we’re past that. Now if you are even thinking that learning about WHAT WOMEN’S INTERESTS ARE is gay or faggy, that is the exact reason why you most likely can’t pick up a woman (or keep one).

I’m not saying men can’t pick up women, but most do not have enough game to get the woman of their dreams. If you could you wouldn’t need me or this book. The good news is you finally found someone who’s going to tell you the way it is and not blow smoke up your ass like every other self-help book, blog, and website, video or magazine article out there. I’m here to teach you my personal secrets on how to be a little hipper and wiser when dealing with women, and not sit here and preach to you about things that you have been told your entire life without having any luck whatsoever. I’m sure you have had people telling you what women like, like always showing up with flowers on a first date (flowers are nice once in a while but don’t overdo it and do not do it on a first date – it’s better when it’s unexpected, I promise it means more). Then there’s things like making sure you open the door for the lady as she walks through (actually you should always do this even if it’s for a stranger, but you don’t always have to do it when getting in and out of a car), and going to dinner and standing every time she gets up from the table (that’s out-dated). I mean that’s all good stuff and to be expected at times but it’s a different time and space, gentlemen, so it’s going to take a WAYYYYYYYY more than that to get a beautiful intelligent woman. Anyone can do any of the things I listed but if you plan on getting to the big time you’re going to need to take things to the next level and I’m going to show you how to do it.

When I worked for Neiman Marcus I was surrounded by tons of women (and gay men for that matter) who were always preaching to single women on how to get a man. They would try and tell them what men liked, how they should dress to get attention from men, how to wear their hair/make-up, and pitch them all this nonsense. You have to understand however much the ladies (or gay men) knew about women or fashion, they didn’t know shit about what a straight man really wants or likes. This applies to women as well. You think you know a thing or two about women because of what your dumb fuck friends and family members have been spewing in your head your entire life. It’s all bullshit my friend and I’m about to show you why. You may want to ask, Rich if you’re a guy then why would I trust you know so much about what a woman wants and what makes you think you know what I want? That’s a very good question and here’s my answer. I JUST DO! I’m not saying I know what every woman wants but I do believe I can definitely help men in this area more than most. That I can guarantee.

I know that you’re thinking you know what women need and want, but just can’t seem to meet or find the right one. Here’s the truth - you may know a little but not nearly enough, because if you did you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this book - you would be sitting across from the woman of your dreams and most likely having an incredible time. You know what I see a ton of? I see guys out there, who either act like shy little girls when first meeting a woman, or even worse, never shut up because they are nervous and were never taught to just sit back and listen. You would think that would be the easiest thing to do but for most men it’s the hardest. Men (including myself a lot of times) love listening to a woman, but only if what the woman is talking about is what they’re interested in as well. But if you really plan on being with smart intelligent women you need to learn how to listen and engage in their interests just as much as yours. You will be shocked how much you will learn from a woman.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of dumb fuck women out there who ramble on and on and never shut up or can’t handle an uncomfortable silence, but if you find a smart woman who knows how to communicate incredibly, then hang onto your boot straps and listen and learn because the conversations you will start having are going to blow you away. I realize a lot of men are intimidated by intelligent women. I would put a lot of men into two categories. You have the quiet, insecure, shy, geeky techy guy who is for the most part a genuine good guy, and then you have the big ego guy who can be a great guy too, but too often seems to come off as the know it all guy. (HEADS UP: DO NOT BE THE KNOW IT ALL DOUCHE BAG GUY.) What you really want to be is neither. You want to be the interesting guy who dates or is always surrounded by the most interesting and beautiful women out there. This is one of the keys to getting women and the quicker you realize this, the better off you’re going to be. Also realize that no two women in the world are nearly the same. I’ll get into this later on.

Oh yea also don’t be the ASK-HOLE - That’s a guy who is constantly asking for advice, yet always does the opposite of what someone tells them. Also don’t be the ADORKABLE GUY. That’s a guy who pretends to be dorky, thinking he’s coming off adorable. Don’t do it, it’s a loser move.

Women want you to know who they are, what they stand for, and most importantly, want you to respect that they have a voice and opinion, (especially in a relationship) and you know what? They deserve to be heard just like you do and don’t forget it. Most women, at least intelligent women, love men that are smart and LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. (I need to get my head out of my ass and work on this as well). Regardless if you agree with the woman or not, you giving her the time to speak her mind, neither agreeing or disagreeing, will get you a ton more respect than ignoring or raising your voice or belittling her. That goes for women as well. If any woman pulls that bullshit on you then I say Dip like Dots. (That means get out.)

Now guys don’t ever forget a good looking intelligent woman can go out tonight and walk into a bar or club and fuck whoever she most desires, and you on the other hand most likely cannot. But here’s the deal, the average woman is not necessarily out there looking to get laid or score an 8, 9 or 10 like most men are. She’s looking for a companion with a great personality (someone that makes her laugh) and a genuine (remember this) honest man. Even if the woman isn’t that honest she still wants an honest man. It’s crazy, right? A woman wants a companion she can trust, be her best friend, someone she feels secure with, someone who will genuinely love and protect her. Someone who will support her, and I don’t mean support her financially but support her and her beliefs.

Having money helps, there’s no question but if you’re not independently wealthy it’s fine I promise. You just being a good guy with a heart of gold and a good head on his shoulders, who’s responsible, has a strong drive and is trying to go places, is something almost all women will admire and respect. A lot of women will actually be very attracted to a man who is just starting off in his career because there is potential for both of you to grow together and create a bond with the hopes of having an incredible future together. So don’t be insecure if you’re not loaded financially. Sure if you are a good looking wealthy guy in great shape that’s a huge plus, but women are not as caught up in wealth and looks as you think they are, especially in this day and age. Most intelligent women nowadays are very successful and independent. By no means do they need a man to take care of them.

STORY - I used to gamble all over the country and one of my buddies ran Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. When I went to Bachelor parties the men acted like animals, which is usually par for the course. But when it came to Bachelorette parties, for the most part the Bachelorettes had fun when the male strippers came in, but it was no big deal, even though the strippers were good looking, terrific dancers and in great shape. The brides were more interested in getting back to their fiancés and looking forward to getting married. I’m not going to bullshit - women like bad boys, handsome men, and guys that work out, but they also really want that man who they think could be an incredible provider and a great father. I don’t mean provider as in money, but in all aspects of their lives.

THE BEGINNING - I grew up in an extremely large Italian family; my father’s side of my family (all Italians) was a very upper middle class family and to be honest the other side of the family, my mother’s side (again all Italians) was, let’s just say, not. My mother’s side mainly consists of a lot of Italians from Chicago who as we like to say…were connected. My father’s side of the family was in the Garment /Fashion industry and all the family members were college graduates, and let’s just say my mother’s side of the family were more like painters, but had a bigger interest in the gambling business, not in casinos but at the Horse Track and on the streets. What was interesting growing up in this environment was the way each side of my family treated their women. My father’s side of the family had a lot of respect toward their wives and treated them with a lot of love, affection, respect and care. My mother’s side of the family didn’t always treat their women this way. I’m not saying all my family members on my mother’s side behaved badly or didn’t love their girlfriends or wives, but a lot of the men talked down to the women, or belittled them or fought with them and even cheated on them. Some even had other children outside the marriage. This is what’s even crazier.

My mother, who is the most loving and dedicated Catholic woman I know, divorced my father when I was 5 years old, and in turn my father ended up owning a Go-Go Bar / Night Club. So basically what my life growing up consisted of was going to bible study every Wednesday, going to CCD and church every Sunday, and when summer came around going to Christian Bible Camps. I was also constantly surrounded by prayer meetings, bible studies and church functions. I even graduated at a private Catholic High School named St. Joseph. But things were a lot different when my father was around. He would pick me up on Sunday afternoons after church to spend the day with him and I would end up going to places like all the hippest restaurants in Chicago, comedy clubs, concerts, R-rated movies, and even the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva. I would also spend holidays with my cousins who lived near my father’s night club so I could spend time with my father at his club.

So basically my life consisted of going back and forth between Church and a night life environment. The first membership card I ever received was from The Playboy Club at the age of eleven or twelve, and that’s no bullshit. They actually mailed me a membership card. You see, my father was a very flamboyant and smart man who basically got away with whatever he wanted, and he was

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