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Do you know everything about Game of Thrones? When everyone is talking about the latest storyline is it YOU they turn to for an explanation of the history of the characters? Do you remember the fine details of every episode from the start?
If so, then prove it with Game of Thrones: The Ultimate Quiz Book! This first volume covers the characters and storylines from the first two seasons and is split into individual sections with subjects such as individual characters, actors and actresses, quotes, the houses and more.
Containing three hundred questions to test your knowledge of Westeros, this book covers all skill levels, from facts even a casual fan would know all the way up to trivia that would test Joffrey himself!
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ISBN: 9781782341161
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Game of Thrones - Jack Goldstein

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The Questions

Tyrion Lannister

1. Is Tyrion Tywin’s youngest or eldest son?

2. Which war does Tyrion’s imprisonment trigger?

3. Name the prostitute who Tyrion was briefly married to.

4. What does he give to Ros to thank her for their time together?

5. What does Tyrion confess to (but denies the murder of Jon Arryn) to Mord?

6. What happens to Tyrion when he leads the hill tribes into battle?

7. What role does Tyrion assume at the start of series 2?

8. What does he argue with his sister about at the small council?

9. Who visits Tyrion to demand the release of Pycelle?

10. Where does Tyrion command the defenders from during the Battle of the Blackwater?

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Robert Baratheon

1. What was the name of the war through which Robert seized power?

2. Which king did Robert serve?

3. And what was his title at the time?

4. What news causes Robert to halt when south of Winterfell?

5. Which noted establishment does Robert stop at on the