A Dragon's Mate

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A Dragon's Mate

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars2/5 (33 ratings)
Length: 82 pages1 hour


This is a HOT and SEXY Paranormal Romance that is meant for an audience over the age of 18..

Adriana has lived her life on her own. She likes the solitude of being who she is. 
She was raised in the system and has fought her way through life and school. 

Now she is off on a vacation that she is destined to enjoy. What she wasn't 
planning for was the events that soon erupt after her arrival. She soon learns 
more about herself than she has ever known and things that she thought were 
only found in fairy tales. 

Lucas has watched the woman for years knowing that the day would come when 
she would be his.

Will she be able to stay and enjoy the life she should have had or will she turn 
and run away from the things unknown?

Forget your busy life for a bit and Scroll Up NOW to Download this * SWEET * and * SEXY * romance 

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