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The Foundation: Book 0.5: The Waiting Series

Length: 103 pages1 hour


Revenge, lies, and love on the banks of the Pontchartrain...

Millicent Douglas can't resist two things: good revenge and hot sex. She discovers her ticket to both in Missouri. Can she open her black heart to a new love... or has love always been there, hiding in plain sight?

As creator of a black market organ scheme known as "The Operation," Stephen Mullins can't afford to take chances - personally or professionally. But when cardiothoracic surgeon Millie Douglas walks into his office, will he discover that some chances are worth taking?

Nash Douglas knows that the odds are stacked against him to win Millie's heart, especially since he's the son of her ex-husband, but that won't keep him from being the most trustworthy friend she's ever had. His strategy is simple: remain the one constant in her life and eventually, she'll see his devotion. When Millie returns from a business trip, enamored with someone new, Nash fears he's lost the only woman he's ever loved. 

***The Waiting Series is intended for 18+ audiences due to language and adult content. 

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