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Secrets Of A Lasting Marriage

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Marriages fail today for any given number of reasons: incompatible values, financial quarrels, continuous conflict, emotional abuse, disrespect, painful affairs and unwillingness to forgive – to mention a few. But all of these reasons, though real to the couple at the time, are merely symptoms of something more fundamental.
The common denominator to all of these negative symptoms is a lack of understanding of what marriage is and how it is designed to function. In this book, I share 7 foundational ‘secrets’ that will help you develop a biblical framework to navigate the tough terrain of marriage life. If you embrace them, you will learn to:
• Value your marriage the way God wants you to value it
• Be guided by the primary purpose of your marriage
• Be strengthened by the power of your marriage vows
• Grow a deeper appreciation of and love for your spouse
• Be at peace even when circumstances are tough and confusing
• Gain insight into why things happen in marriage the way they do
• Identify and stop the one thing that has the power to destroy your marriage.

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