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Egyptian Queens

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This ebook bundle contains two historical novels in one! Explore the first volumes in two different Egyptian series, both written by Libbie Hawker, whose depictions of ancient cultures have been delighting readers since 2011. 

In Egyptian Queens, you'll receive the following novels: 

The Sekhmet Bed 

Ahmose, wed against her will to the new Pharaoh, must fight her sister's envy and the currents of Egyptian politics in order to embrace her destiny as the mother of an unlikely king. 

House of Rejoicing 

The corruption and deadly drama of the Amarna court, as seen through the eyes of four royal women. Can any of these ambitious queens bring the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten under control before Egypt is destroyed? 

Egyptian Queens will sweep you away to the hot sands and golden decadence of ancient Egypt!

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