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The Goddess Guide to Dates, Fate & Soulmates

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When college freshman, Zoe Canton, loses her virginity to the hottest guy on campus, she discovers that her night of (sort of) bliss has ignited a campus-wide war with his (unofficial) girlfriend; awakened the reincarnated spirit of Circe within her; and put the future of mankind in danger. So much for becoming a woman.

Zoe was resigned to her un-life: unrequited crushes, unpopular, unexciting... but now that she’s evolving into a Greek goddess with the power to attract any man she wants (awesome!) and turn them into dogs if they piss her off (awesome-er!) she’s relishing her place in the spotlight as the new Queen Bee. If she wants to become immortal she has to follow her destiny and make Odysseus fall in love with her by the summer solstice. Unfortunately, she may have already fallen in love with someone else. Now she has to choose...follow her fate and become the goddess she was born to be or follow her heart and risk changing the fate of all mankind.

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