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Human Mage: Highmage's Plight, #3

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Human Mage: Highmage's Plight, #3

Length: 444 pages4 hours


In the seven tiered Imperial Capital, Highmage Alrex lay dying. Elvin mages are aligning with those vying to succeed him. Meanwhile, a failing apprentice and his troublesome charges lose their places at the Mage Academy. Life on the streets of the poorest district is also about to get complicated when urchins steal from exactly the wrong person.

This is a world where magic has twisted the laws of science, and the Demonlord’s schemes are about to destroy humanity once and for all. Highmage Alrex has one hope of preventing that… archeologist George Bradley, who he summoned across reality.

George, his sarcastic computer and his disguised bodyguards, find themselves changing fate as George prepares to reveal himself as a Human Mage. He only has to survive the deadly challenges ahead… and the murder accusation that soon follows.

Welcome to Human Mage, the third book (second edition) in the Highmage’s Plight Series by D.H. Aire.

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