Weapon of Vengeance: Weapon of Flesh Series, #3

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Weapon of Vengeance: Weapon of Flesh Series, #3

Length: 448 pages6 hours


Book 3 of the Weapon of Flesh Trilogy, Weapon of Vengeance continues the story of Lad, a man crafted of magic and flesh to be the most lethal assassin the world has ever known.

A weapon bereft…

Guilt wracked and vengeful, Lad scours Twailin for the killer who destroyed his life. With the Assassins Guild at his beck and call, the search should be straightforward. However, cryptic clues lead to one dead end after another, thwarting his obsession.

Forced to trust a traitor and keep secrets from those closest to him, Lad’s only hope is to find Kiesha, a woman caught between worlds.  Is she a thief, an assassin, or a pawn of the very powers that control the Empire? Unfortunately, Lad’s not the only one hunting her.

When summoned by the Grandmaster, Lad must face hard questions. Dare he continue his investigation and risk the enmity of the man who can spend his life on a whim?  Can he trust Mya’s offer of help, or will she betray him to ensure her own safety?  And the most difficult question: Will vengeance truly bring solace?

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