The Samoa Seduction

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The Samoa Seduction

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Length: 411 pages5 hours


Lovers trapped by a conspiracy to gain millions through the black market sale of an illegal and dangerous cure for juvenile diabetes.

Government employee Michael Bloom travels to American Samoa to fight for higher minimum wages, unaware that his efforts could scuttle the conspiracy. Facing opposition at every turn, he becomes the object of the romantic advances of Stephanie Palaie Moelai, beautiful Director of the Visitor's Information Bureau.

When Michael becomes a threat to the operation, Stephanie sells out to the conspiracy, trading her love of Michael for security. Michael is suddenly beset by a mysterious illness that almost costs him his life, leaving him disabled and unemployed.

Three years later, Michael is a fugitive from the law, fleeing to the South Pacific to find the men who wrecked his family and left him for dead. Stephanie, tortured by her feelings for the love of her life, and fearing an investigation into the Samoan minimum wage debacle, returns to the assumed safety of her family in American Samoa.

With untold riches at stake, the conspirators will stop at nothing to finally put Michael away forever, even if it means sacrificing their own.

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