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Healthy is sexy. You can spend all the time you want working out but you will never achieve the body type and healthy glow you can with these smoothies.

These recipes aren’t just good for you, they are also delicious. You will be happy to drink your way to a new, happy, sexy, healthy you.

The sooner you get your copy of this book the sooner you can have the body and looks you want.

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The Best Smoothie Recipe Book Anywhere - Mirabelle Milan

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Let's face the facts: smoothies are pretty awesome. This is because our body understands that they are more than just delicious drinks that make our taste buds happy. They make our bodies happy, too, with all the extra nutrients we're bringing in to help our bodies out in times of need. That's why a lot of us like to drink smoothies when we're sick. It's a hidden sign that our body knows what's best for us, nutrients and vitamins. There are a lot of other benefits to smoothies too, and when you read all about them, you'll be getting your blender running 24/7. You'll be the new Smoothie Queens.

Q: What's so great about smoothies anyway, you may ask?

A: Well, they're full of good fruits and vegetables, so our bodies really get a boost when we drink them. The sugars in the fruits are all natural and make our bodies strong and bug free. They give us all sort of valuable nutrients that we don't get from our daily foods. They are great ways to keep hydrated, too. They make you feel great and sexy, too, due to the fact that you have that healthy glow around you. So, what's not to love about smoothies, huh?

Q: What are the health benefits?

A: Well, there are the ones listed above, like hydration and extra nutrients that are important to a body from day to day. There is also the crucial need for these things when we are sick and aren't eating as we should be. They help give our bodies the boost they need to kick the bugs in the butt and heal. The added fruits and vegetables also help boost your immune system so that when you get a cold or flu it's less likely to hit you full force. How great does that sound? It's delicious and does work for you!

Q: What different kinds can I make?

A: All sorts of kinds! Imagine in a fruit in your head. Got one? Well whatever it is, YES you can make a smoothie with it! That's the best part about smoothies, you can make whatever kind you want with any kind of combination! They're something you can totally personalize and that way you can avoid certain fruits or additives you don't like. That means you can try different variations too and find the ones that are your favourite. Can you imagine tasting a fruit spice smoothie? Well, there's one recipe in the book for that. Hooked already? Yay!

Q: Why should I make smoothies at home instead of just buying them out?

A: Sure, buying them out is great and all, but they often tend to be expensive and they don't have as many personalization options as making them at home. Making them home is cheap and the fruits that you do buy can be used in multiple types of smoothies and last a while. That is a great option for those that want to be money smart but healthy. This means that you can get specific types of fruit, too, and get only organic, if that's your thing, or a big orange instead of 3 little ones. It's totally up to you.

Q: Who should drink smoothies?

A: Everyone! Be it the reluctant fruit eater or the worried mom who is trying to keep her immune system up high. These are so beneficial that no one