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Ajoene – A Potential Compound from Garlic

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Ajoene, the garlic derived organosulfar compound that is most stable in nature and possess potential therapeutic properties than other constituents of garlic, contains two isomers, E and Z, in its chemical structure. It is one of the lately discovered (in 1984, by Dr. Eric Block and his team) compounds that possess a wide range of therapeutic properties against hundreds of diseases. Ajoene is also included in the recent editions of Merck Index.

This eBook is dedicated for those who want to study or learn about ajoene. This potential compound of garlic took my interest in writing this eBook when I first found that there was not a single source that includes descriptive information about ajoene. Still, most of the literatures about this ingredient are in journal papers and patents. For this reason, I decided to write an ebook that is easier to read, but provides complete information about the phytochemical ingredient.

I hope the information contained in this book would be helpful and handy for you.

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