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End of Days

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Hair raising revelations you won't hear in Church, but are within Scripture to be revealed during end times. If this book doesn't make you tremble, nothing will. Many have struggled to understand the book of Revelation only to be frustrated due to erroneous thinking that prophecy is not literal. All prophecy is literal. That's how we can be sure it came to pass. God has been quite clear and honest as to what He will do during the worst time in human history which shall soon be upon all of mankind.
Study, that's what has held back the understanding of Revelation so long. Preconceived ideas, lead to wrong conclusions. Study, prayer, and listening are what was necessary to unlock the plain as well as the hidden messages of Revelation. So what makes this book different? It was started without any preconceived ideas. Simple study, prayer, and listening, were the tools to its writing. You've heard nothing like what you will read within the pages of this book. Only you can decide if you can accept the implications of what this book reveals. UFOs, a false rapture, a worldwide flood that will leave only a few survivors, and much more are shown to be prophetically correct within the pages of Scripture. Don't believe me? Read the book; prove me wrong if you dare!

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