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The Cowboy in New York

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Nadia Green left Irwin Texas and was back in her element, New York, the city that never slept. She loved being amidst the throngs of people and the fast paced life that she thrived in. But she found something in Texas and someone she couldn’t stop thinking about. That was the fierce attraction for Jonas ‘Crow Feather” Collins. Beneath all her bluster, her insecurities about her size kept her from making a move and now she regretted it. Jonas took care of that for himself when he showed up at her apartment in Manhattan. From there a whirlwind courtship began, one that rocked her foundation and the kisses they shared blew her mind. But could something that intense last or fizzle out just as quickly? Especially when she and Jonas were from two different worlds and her cowboy seemed to be unwilling to share his secrets.

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