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Amber Stevens is a journalist for a prestigious magazine in New York City. She is passionate about her work, and she is one of those lucky people who have the job and the life they have always wanted.

A sudden phone call gives an unexpected and heart-breaking turn to Amber’s life: a car crash wipes away her world as she knows it, wrecking the very meaning of her life. For endless days and nights, Amber lets herself fade away in a pit of desperation: how to overcome the deepest grief? How to find a sense in living?

Pushed by the affection and determination of her best friend, Rachel, Amber will decide to look for a way back to life. She will embark on a solitary and unexpected journey through the eternal landscapes of Africa, where she will walk through places, cultures, peoples, and heartwarming encounters with the wild animals of the Savannah.

AFRICA is an intimate quest to explore the truth about people: the ancient beauty of the environment and the concrete struggles of its inhabitants will force Amber to look deeper inside her soul and rediscover her priorities. She will be constantly pushed and pulled between astonishing shows of nature and stabbing emotions, in a revealing travel across Southern Africa.

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