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Cape Town's Visible Shipwrecks: A Guide for Explorers

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The Cape of Storms has claimed many ships since explorers and traders discovered the route to the east around the tip of Africa. Many of these shipwrecks are lost to the sea; other wrecks are accessible to scuba divers and technical divers; and some are high and dry on shore, and can be visited by anyone with curiosity and a sense of adventure. Explore Cape Town's rich maritime history with this illustrated mini guide to the visible shipwrecks along the coast of the Cape Peninsula. Discover where the visible shipwrecks along the Cape Peninsula coastline are, how to reach them, and something of their history. Supplementary material about museums and additional shipwreck artefacts around the city will enable you to craft an itinerary of historical substance and outdoor experiences as you delve into the links that Cape Town has to the historical ocean economy.

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