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Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3

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Exercise and nutrition are integrally involved in the process of establishing health and optimal living. Fitness Industry marketing however often confuses us as to how we can go about the best strategy that would suit our individual needs. Bespoke training should educate us as to how we can optimize our life balance alongside maximizing our fitness goals, which is why Aesthetic Resistance Programming 3 (ARP3) was designed to give invested experience and knowledge to the consumer at a very accessible price. ARP3 provides you with over 3 progressions of programming ranging in the focus of fat loss to muscle building to general strength, not only do we provide you with an exercise library that spans any goal or intent, but we go that extra step further and educate you along the process as to why and how you need to implement the various strategies to fully optimize your results and time in the gym. Nutrition will fuel your efforts to be either successful or completely wasted; thus, ARP3 has taken the responsibility to not only provide you with a multitude of different dietary strategies, but also educate you as to the reasoning why certain diets are more effective than others in a given scenario.

Responsibility broken down implies that we need to have the ability to respond to any stimulus thrown at us, being positive or negative. Thus, ARP3 is the complete guide to those looking to make a change to their physicality and mental well-being through not simple application but total understanding of why we embrace certain training routines or dietary strategies.

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