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The Iqaluk Chronicles: Last Storm

314 pages5 hours


Blood on her hand, She vowed all she had and was, life and soul, to her ship, the extraordinary Iqaluk and her crew.

Before the next voyage ends, the woman known only as Captain may lose every bit of that and more.

Steampunk in nature but creative in its concepts, The Iqaluk Chronicles: Last Storm introduces the enigmatic Captain and her stunning craft, The Iqaluk, and a whole new world of action adventure from the mind of author Lorelei McCole.

A world that faces a threat they have only ever read about in books suddenly needs someone to step up and fight for them. Captain has only just finished her first year in charge of her ship and has suffered and survived all the disasters that entails.

But now she must figure out how to prevent war from coming to her home. And if she fails, her ship, her crew, and her very world may well be lost.

The Iqaluk Chronicles: Last Storm by Lorelei McCole. From Pro Se Productions.

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